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About Us

Where it all Began

For Owner Jasmine Gatti, tea has always been in her life. Some of her first memories involve watching her grandmother sip Lipton tea while they were hanging out.

In high school, her and her friends would frequent a local cafe after school. They would all get pastries, her friends would get coffee and she would get tea.

She was always drawn to the wide variety of flavors and things that can be done with tea.

By a tea lover. For tea lovers.

Community-Centered Tea Shops

In October 2020, Fleur de Tea opened it’s first location in the heart of Norton Commons. The menu featured over 60 different types of tea.

In October 2023, Fleur de Tea opened its second location in Old Louisville—a location she’d always dreamed about opening.

Fleur de Tea’s locations are community-centered and inclusive. They’re a place where folks can come in, hang out and meet new people.

"The staff and the customer service could not be better."
Jeffrey Greenberg
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