We’ve carefully sampled and sourced teas from around the globe to provide you the best experience.

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  • Make it a Latte $2

    Add steamed milk

  • Make it Strong $1

    50% more tea.

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    Served in our teapots

Tea Selections

Black Teas

Bold and brisk teas with a wide variety of flavors

  • Assam $3.00

    Bold black tea from the Assam region of India. Assam tea is known for a deep, burgundy-red cup and pungent flavor. Our Assam Melody is perfect for tea drinkers who may be new to the powerful character of Assam. Rich aroma, more sweet starchy than malty, like roasted plantains. Rounded mouthfeel, malty without being overpowering. Slight notes of raisin.

  • Black Dragon Pearl $3.50

    Dragon Pearl is naturally sweet and smooth with a touch of earthiness. Composed of only the highest quality leaves and buds, expertly rolled into a large pearl-like shape. Subtle cocoa notes whisper gently as each pearl unfurls delivering a superior tea experience.

  • Ceylon Sonata $2.50

    Classic black tea from Sri Lanka. Ceylon tea is bright and lively, medium body and delightfully tangy.

  • Earl Grey Moonlight $2.75

    Comforting flavors of vanilla and cream combine to soften the citrus notes of traditional Earl Grey. Blended with black tea, orange, blue cornflowers, natural vanilla flavor, natural bergamot flavor, and natural creme flavor.

  • Earl Grey Lavender $2.75

    Zesty and exhilarating fresh citrus aroma, slightly dry to the nose, with a rounded and balanced orange rind note to match the tang of the Ceylon. Pleasantly dry finish with lingering citrus sweetness. Blended with black tea, orange, natural bergamot flavor, and blue corn flowers.

  • Golden Monkey $3.00

    Hand-processed each spring with careful plucking of only one leaf and one bud. The name comes from its unique appearance: the leaves resemble monkey paws. Sweet and very 'nosy', savory roasted apples, cocoa and spice notes that linger as you sip. Rich, coating texture and very smooth, soft mouthfeel. Delicate, almost indistinguishable astringency.

  • Irish Breakfast $3.00

    Seamlessly blends the citrusy notes of a high-grown Ceylon with the malty underscore of a pungent Assam. Spicy and jammy aroma on the leaf, malty and deep flavor with a brisk and 'buzzy' mouthfeel. Rounded sweetness in the finish. May be enjoyed plain or with a splash of milk.

  • Keemun Concerto $3.00

    Prized for its rich, toasty flavor, mineral flinty notes and smoky, almost incense aroma. It steeps a beautiful, fiery amber red, with a smoky aroma and earthy, smooth flavor. Clean finish and very mellow.

  • Yunnan Noir $3.25

    A hand-rolled tea, with leaves tightly curled into a 'black snail' shape. The aroma is sweet with hints of honey and spice. Savory and winey on the palate, with smooth, deep fruity astringency, tremendous depth of flavor, cinnamon bark and nutmeg in the finish.

Green Teas

Slightly bitter teas with earthy notes and delicate flavors

  • Calypso $3.00

    A fun and festive blend of luscious fruits and coconut with green tea leaves from China. Juicy, sweet and punch-like.

  • Earl Grey $3.00

    The taste of bergamot. Just the right touch of citrus flavors to liven up the cup. Makes a light and refreshing drink that's popular both hot and iced. If you are new to green tea, this lightly flavored tea may be a good place to start.

  • Ginseng $3.25

    Fresh and crisp green tea from China with the energizing flavor of ginseng, accented with dried ginger. Sweet, earthy green aroma, notes of fresh hay and delicately spicy herbs. Pleasantly bittersweet without being medicinal. Soothing, soft finish.

  • Jasmine $3.25

    Green tea from the Fujian province of China infused with the delicate scent of the night-blooming jasmine flowers. It produces a sweet cup with a light and lingering scent of fresh jasmine flowers.

  • Lychee Rose $3.00

    A delicate balance of both tart and sweet, our Lychee Rose Green tea is a delightful treat that is sure to sparkle on the palate. With flavor notes of rose, grape and melon, it is a refreshing tea perfect for an afternoon cup.

  • Matcha $4.50

    A fine powder made by grinding green tea leaves. Only the finest, young, shade-grown gyokuro tea leaves are used to create matcha. The leaves are plucked and laid out flat to dry. Veins are removed and the leaves, now called tencha, are carefully ground in granite mills until they become the precious powder.

  • Mango $3.00

    Combines the goodness of green tea with the flavor of perfectly ripened mangoes.

  • Vanilla $3.00

    Combining the delectable flavor of sweet vanilla beans and delicate Chinese green tea, I'll scream, you'll scream, we'll all scream for... Vanilla Green!

White Teas

Crafted from newly budding tea leaves, these premium teas have intricate flavors

  • Eternal Spring $4.00

    Spring brings the awakening of nature after a long winter slumber. Associated with rebirth, revival and renewal, spring imbues a sense of youthful freshness. Enjoy eternal rejuvenation in a cup with this refreshing blend of white tea and a medley of fruit and rose petals. Each sip will renew body and spirit with natural sweetness and floral notes.

  • Fuzzy Navel $4.00

    Summertime sippin' calls for sunny flavors, like those in the classic Fuzzy Navel cocktail popularized in the 1980s. Big on flavor, our Fuzzy Navel White tea combines the essence of Georgia peaches and navel oranges with fruity white tea and rooibos for the ideal beach or poolside refreshment. Best served iced.

  • Peach $4.00

    Premium white tea from Fujian region of China flavored with sweet peaches. A wonderfully smooth and subtle treat, delectable both hot and cold. If you are beginning your exploration of white tea, our peach tea will serve a wonderful introduction.

  • Strawberry Basil $4.00

    Take a sip of summer in a cup with our White Strawberry Basil! Refreshingly light and sweet, this infusion is sure to tingle your tastebuds. The bright flavors of strawberry mingle with the roundness of basil make a perfect combo brewed both hot or iced.

Oolong Teas

Translating to “black dragon”, Oolong teas share qualities of both green and black teas. This gives the teas a range of delicious flavors

  • Almond $3.75

    Combining savory almond flavor with the bright, fruity taste of Formosa oolong tea, our Almond tea is a great stand-alone drink as well as the perfect dessert complement.

  • Formosa $3.75

    Comprised of large 'choicest' grade copper-red leaves with beautiful tips of silver is a wonderful introduction to this variety.

  • Jade $4.00

    Almost green in appearance with large, hand-rolled leaves. Once infused, these unfurl to release this tea's delicate notes, exquisite flavor and enchanting fragrance.

Rooibos Teas

Sweet, delicate, and earthy flavors, with plenty of anti-oxidants

  • Blueberry $3.25

    Blueberries have garnered much attention as a nutrient powerhouse. This may be so, but to us they are delicious little jewels that shine in our lightly fruity, caffeine-free green rooibos. We've added blueberries, cranberries, rosehips, hibiscus and raspberry leaves for a tasty, berry-licious treat.

  • Earl Grey $3.25

    Colloquially known as Red Tea, is an herbal plant that grows in South Africa. Rooibos is a flavorful alternative to tea for those seeking to minimize caffeine intake. Our "Rooibos Earl Grey" is a top-grade version, flavored with the essence of bergamot.

  • Green $3.25

    A lighter bodied, un-oxidized version of the traditional "red tea." Its natural fruitiness is a perfect base for tropical flavors. Our Key West blend of sweet passionfruit, luscious mango and a hint of tangy apricot

  • Key West $3.25

    A blend of sweet passionfruit, luscious mango and a hint of tangy apricot will whisk you away to the sunny shores and ocean breezes of Papa's paradise. Naturally caffeine-free for your "Sunset Celebration."

  • Mango $3.25

    A lush, fruity and mellow cup of caffeine-free goodness. The tropical aroma pairs perfectly with the naturally honeyed and delicately earthy honeybush herb from South Africa. A rounded, balanced experience. Juicy and soft, with an airy finish. A lovely tropical escape any time of day, or season!

Pu-erh Teas

A unique type of fermented tea that’s traditionally made in the Yunnan Province of China. It’s made from the leaves of a tree known as the “wild old tree,” which grows in the region.

  • Spice $3.25

    Pleasantly perky spices add warmth and sweetness to the mellow mineral notes of Pu Erh. Sweet cinnamon and anise with tingly ginger liven up the palate while soothing the soul. A great companion for a chilly day.

  • Hazelberry $3.75

    The earthy smoothness of Pu Erh creates a warm foundation for the rich flavor of hazelnut while playful, tangy-sweet strawberries peek through the nutty opulence. A hint of cream adds a soft, dreamy note to the blend.

  • Tahiti $3.50

    Juicy papaya fruit flavor, the liveliness of rose hips, and a decidedly softer touch of coconut. The addition of beautiful rose petals adds a very light floral essence that evokes a tropical retreat for all to enjoy. Try as an iced tea for a refreshing taste of the exotic.

Herbal Teas

Herbal tea is an infusion of various leaves, fruits, bark, roots, and flowers to create a fragrant, delicious drink.

  • Berry Cream Compote $3.50

    Tangy-sweet spring berry blend with a hint of creme. Blackberry, blueberry and strawberry flavors party playfully in your cup.

  • Blood Orange $3.75

    With its deep vibrant color and sweet, tangy flavor, it's a perfect ingredient for a refreshing herbal blend! This naturally sweet, caffeine-free tea pairs blood orange peels with hibiscus flowers and rose hips. Rich, hearty and tangy, with a good balance of orange peel dryness and fruit juiciness.

  • Chamomile $3.25

    Considered a remedy for all ills by the ancient Egyptians, this golden herb remains a modern favorite to promote calm and relieve anxiety. When steeped, these fragrant blossoms smell of freshly cut apples and produce a rich, golden cup with superior flavor. This caffeine free herbal infusion is delicious served with honey.

  • Cha-Cha $3.75

    Deliciously mingles chamomile, peppermint and lemongrass into a wonderful herbal concoction sure to send your taste buds dancing with delight. Zesty flavor, layered in aromatics: cool earthiness from the mint, sweet, uplifting floral from the chamomile and lemongrass. This cup has a lot of depth. Enjoy any time of the day - this blend is naturally caffeine-free.

  • Elderberry Wine $3.75

    Art, sweet and oh, so good! Like the name suggests, our Elderberry Wine is a full-bodied, complex tisane. With notes of grape and cranberry, it is a the perfect tea to sip on to satisfy the need for bold flavor.

  • Double Ginger $3.50

    Packs a supercharged punch that is sure to satisfy any ginger lover with its in-your-face flavor. Don't let it's caffeine-free facade fool you, this tisane is not for the feint of heart.

  • Fruit Medley $3.50

    Fruit Medley is a jammy sweet mix of strawberry, hibiscus flowers, apples, rose hips and lemongrass. Deep, rich fruity flavor, sweet-spicy aroma, full bodied and refreshing. Also known as Fruit Sangria, its gentle lemongrass-herb notes help lighten up the fruitiness and give the cup some bounce.

  • Lavender Lemon $3.75

    Revel in the luxury of our Lavender Lemon. This bright caffeine-free herbal blend is a delight to the senses with an intoxicating aroma, smooth citrusy flavor, and soft whispers of lavender. Calming and soothing so you can unwind from a busy day.

  • Peppermint $3.50

    Pure peppermint leaves make a minty, refreshing drink that is highly satisfying both hot and cold. A native of the Mediterranean, peppermint leaves were often used to crown luminaries in ancient Greece and Rome. It continues to be revered for its refreshingly light aroma, as well as its natural, caffeine-free taste.

  • Turmeric Bliss $3.75

    Turmeric tea has the fruity, sweet taste of juicy mangos and the zest of Florida oranges. The fruitiness balances the earthiness of the turmeric, widely popular for its health benefits, while ginger and peppercorn enliven your senses. Savor the taste as you heal your body.

Chai Teas

Bold teas combined with different spices to create a symphony of flavor

  • Golden Tumeric $4.00

    features earthy turmeric with the warming spiciness of ginger, softly sweetened by a blend of cinnamon, clove, and a hint of fennel. It finishes off with a slight fiery kick of black peppercorn. The suggested serving is one teaspoon per cup of water or milk of preference for a golden milk latte!

  • Masala $3.75

    In America, the word 'chai' has come to mean tea with a generous amount of spices often served as a deliciously sweetened latte. A premium Ceylon black tea with a unique blend of spices; cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and ginger. A classic 'chai', if you will.

Bubble Teas

Bold teas combined with different spices to create a symphony of flavor.

  • Coffee $6.00
  • Cherry $6.00
  • Coconut $6.00
  • Dragonfruit $6.00
  • Lychee $6.00
  • Mango $6.00
  • Matcha $6.00
  • Passionfruit $6.00
  • Peach $6.00
  • Pineapple $6.00
  • Rasberry $6.00
  • Strawberry $6.00
  • Strawberry $6.00
  • Taro $6.00
  • Watermelon $6.00

Snacks & Beverages


  • Blueberry Lemon Scone
  • Chocolate Chip Scone
  • Funfetti Scone
  • Parmesan Scone
  • Brownies
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Sugar Cookies


  • Strawberry Banana $6.50
  • Mixed Berry $6.50
  • Chai $6.50


  • Espresso $2.50
  • Americano $3.00
  • Doppio 3.00
  • Latte 4.00
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